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Zombie not directing Conan

Conan.jpgAn inside source from the production team behind the remake of Conan the Barbarian has spoken out and announced that Rob Zombie will not be directing the film, and they say it rather sternly too.

I'm not sure if they are miffed at the rumour mill, or the thought of Rob Zombie directing the film, I would think the latter.

It does seem that just about every other week there's a rumour coming out that Rob Zombie is directing some kind of film, possibly a remake, and the past week was no different as the rumour appeared that he was possibly going to direct the upcoming remake(ish) of Conan.

Well Dark Horizons through HorrorMovies.ca have word from an inside source from the production team - so this is as rumour filled as the original rumour! - that claims Rob Zombie is not directing the film, in fact the quote goes:

"People like Rob Zombie are planting their own rumors trying to get the job. This is ridiculous."

Well to be fair I don't think that the claim came from Rob Zombie, it was just one of these rumours floating out there.

The source goes onto say that that there is no script and without a script there is no director, so we'll have to wait for an official announcement.

If this source is real then I'm not sure if it is good news. I know there are a lot of Zombie fans out there, and I'm really not a fan of his, but there's this thought that perhaps his full on, in your face style would have worked for such a violent and brutal theme. I'm not sure.

What do you think, and if you could chose, who would be the ideal director for Conan the Barbarian?



I kind of see Conan with the scope of Lord of the Rings now, but as a one man show.

John Milius did a really good job with Conan the Barbarian, but my ideal for a new Conan movie would be someone with a good vision like Alfonso Cuarón or, James McTeigue. If I was going to go with a director who has worked on big adventure movies and is bankable then I would probably choose someone like Gore Verbinski.

Those are some pretty non standard choices Billy, but I like all three. Alfonso Cuarón would be a really interesting choice and challenge a lot of people's expectations from a Conan film.


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