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Alien vs. Predator trilogy?

AlienvsPredator.jpgCould there really be another Alien vs. Predator film on the way? If the rumour is to believed then there most certainly is, and it's changing location once again.

The third film would complete the trilogy, and hopefully end it, or beyond all hopes make it better. One thing though, if there is a third one it may well be taking off from Earth once again.

Right now this is complete rumour as there's nothing more than a “source” emailing Shock Till You Drop through Empire – feels like one big advert for them today – but if they are right then there could well be a third Alien vs. Predator film on the go.

The Brothers Strause have already said that they were making the film so that it naturally led to a third in the series, and from the comments it would seem that the ending would bring the film into space once again.

Interesting that they are deserting Earth totally, although no great surprise. After all it does play around with all the time frames of the earlier Alien films.

Still, the story is more fantastical than ever and more entertainment than it has ever been so does it really matter that they are messing with timelines and heading off with this story becoming bigger in size?

It wouldn't really surprise me if they do another film, after all the series is becoming a bit of a cash earner, but does anyone really want to see it?



I interviewed Colin Strause a while back and he said that they were in talks about a third one in space, so this doesn't really surprise me. Apparently it was supposed to be a staging point between the Earth-based AvPs and Alien, although I imagine that's changed by now.

Thanks for the update there Jim. I find it hard to see how they can bridge into the original series, but one good thing is that if they do then they can't make another in that series.


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