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Another Indiana Jones DVD release

IndianaJonesIV.jpgCashing in once more the Indiana Jones series is once again to be released on DVD, not high definition mind you, just plain old DVD, and despite its previous appearance in a box set, these are going to be released individually.

The saving grace is that there are going to be some new features on the discs, but still, come on, another release? After the special box set? This is going too far, even for a merchandising project that George Lucas is involved with.

Paramount have decided to release the individual discs in plain old DVD format, not even considering transferring them to Blu-ray, nor have they been remastered.

According to the story from DVD Spin Doctor the DVD's will have some new extras, as promised by Paramount.

“...all-new bonus content that delves into the making of the legendary series as the filmmakers and cast look back and a new world of adventure opens up with Steven Spielberg, George Lucas and others offering hints about what to expect in the newest installment.”

So they've pulled them back in to make some additional content to throw on the end of the discs and make them seem a little new, and that's all they've done.

Of course the story points out that these discs are now available individually as opposed to the boxset which has been on sale for a good number of years now. However I don't really see that as a unique selling point. Clearly they're breaking them up before the big high-definition box set release including the fourth Indiana Jones film Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull – after all it needs high definition to fit the title on screen.

They do have some word on the additional features though:

Raiders of the Lost Ark: Introduction by Steven Spielberg & George Lucas; "Indiana Jones: An Appreciation": The cast and crew of "Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" pay tribute to the original trilogy. "The Melting Face": A re-creation of the showstopper effect from "Raiders," with Steven Spielberg and George Lucas commenting on the evolution of visual effects and CGI.

The Temple of Doom: Introduction by Spielberg and Lucas. "Creepy Crawlies": Spielberg, Lucas and producer Frank Marshall reminisce about snakes, bugs and rats. What appears to be a now-and-then locations feature.

The Last Crusade: Introduction by Spielberg and Lucas. "The Women": The American Film Institute Tribute with the three Indiana Jones women (Karen Allen, Kate Capshaw and Alison Doody) talking about their roles. "Friends and Enemies": Spielberg, Lucas and Indiana Jones writers discuss their iconic characters, including a look at new faces in "Kingdom of the Crystal Skull."”

Tell me, is that really worth the individual releases? I could have seen it if they had remastered the picture or created a brand new high definition release, but not just for this obvious money making scheme.

I'm holding off for a high definition four film boxset, anything else I'm not interested in, even if you are waving three whole new features in front of us. The cheek.



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