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Another NASCAR film?

RedBull-StarWars.jpgWell it seems as though when one film starts production another one pulls up behind it. After talking about a film being made of the life of the NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt, another NASCAR film is on the way with a plot that sounds as standard as always.

An up and coming driver is mentored by his idol, the man he grew up idolising. However he's also a fair amount of rivalry going on as the old driver is running his own team where his son is driving.

Okay, we've seen the young/old, newcomer/veteran in a mentor/rival relationship before, the son in the team is a little different but nothing drastic, and I really can't get my head around the whole NASCAR thing anyway. Try some corners, chicanes, and non banked tracks, try Formula 1.

Now there's a motorsport that could make for great films. There's speed, rivalry, much more on track action than just going round and round in circles, and all the off track profit motivated politics you could shake a stick at, not to mention the corruption and mismanagement through the governing of the sport, and the influence of the most funded team in the sport.

There's a wealth of material to be had in F1, but NASCAR? Really? Even the on track action struggles on screen without major crashes – think Days of Thunder and...and...

According to Latino Review Gary Ross is producing and directing the film – he previously directed Seabiscuit and Pleasantville. Oh yes...Mmmm...

I can see this one doing well – that's sarcasm by the way, and as I said before I just don't see a NASCAR film doing well overseas, can you?



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