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Another new Speed Racer trailer in HD

SpeedRacer.jpgThere's another new trailer for Speed Racer and it's right here as well as being in High Definition. This trailer has much more of a dramatic storyline and progression to it than the previous, and concentrates much less on the effects and big stunt moments, although there are still a lot of these.

Visually, I'm really excited about seeing this film, dramatically? Well I'm not so sure. It looks like it might be interesting combined with the racing, and it could deliver something really special from the Wachowski's, showing that they aren't just all Matrixed out.

The trailer is right here:

Which I discovered over at Yahoo Movies [Flash:Embed:QT:480p:720p:1080p] through Cinema Blend. Yahoo Movies also have the trailer in HD.

There's something else about this Speed Racer trailer that's worth a note, this one is far more adult orientated than the ones we've seen to date. The previous ones are much more bright colours, glitzy, and appealing to the younger audience with some of the on screen moments. This one is aimed much more at the adult market



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