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Arthur C. Clarke film to upset religion

ChildhoodsEnd.jpgArthur C. Clarke passed away the other day, but the adaptations of his work into film continue with Kimberly Peirce about to direct Childhood's End (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com / Play.com), a film which is sure to enrage religious groups as it despatches religion and uses one of it's iconic images of evil in a completely different way.

Not only that but it also embraces the idea that humankind evolved from another race, a race that came from another planet.

Oh yes, religious groups are going to go mad on this one, and let me explain why, however be warned that this will contain some spoilers for the Arthur C. Clarke novel, but hopefully not for the film as it'd be hard to hide this secret until the film came out.

The story sees a race of aliens arrive on Earth revealing that they had been here before, and that the basis of human religion is born from the old fables of their arrival and time on Earth. Not jus that though, the aliens look just like the traditional images of Satan.

Oh dear, if you thought His Dark Materials was causing controversy then this one certainly will. I think the bigger question is how the studio are going to deal with it, and are they thinking of removing all the references to religion and ending up with a story of aliens coming to Earth?

Well let's hope they don't, because if they did then the whole heart of the original story is gone. However can you really see the studios allowing a film to be made and released that says there is no God and that Aliens were involved in our creation and evolution and were the basis for all humanities religions?

I don't see any studio making this, well not any American studio that is. However the director Kimberly Peirce is certain they will. When she speaks over at MTV Movies Blog she said:

"It has this notion that there was some creature here before and it was intelligent...It imprinted itself in our mind and if we look into the future we find out that, in fact, it [gave birth to our notion of] Satan...

...You pull it out of this satanic thing and you kind of just look at it as the way that it is...You kind of allow people to understand that this satanic idea could have been placed on this imprint from an encounter early on. It wasn't that Satan came - but that there was a being that came and we may have created religion and Satan and God around it...

...Idon't [expect] any fallout."

Oh boy, I do. It's odd though, in that second paragraph of the quote she does say "pull out this satanic thing", which does suggest that they are going to heavily alter the idea.

Yet she goes on and makes it even more controversial, saying that this is all about the Aliens replace our ideas of God and Satan.

As an aside, a quick search for some images came across some conceptual designs for the story, now I don't know if this company is really behind the film, but they have some interesting designs and an attempt at creating practical wings for those creatures.

I really can't see this story doing anything but causing controversy, do you?



You know, the funny thing about the whole "we originated from some other alien planet/species" thing is that no one ever takes it to the next step and says "well, then how did THEY originate?"



Us programmers do. We're always worried about infinite loops in recursive algorithms. Crap, I'm a geek...


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