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Avatar secrets revealed?

JamesCameron.jpgThere have been some behind the scene s details of James Cameron's Avatar released online, although there aren't any great spoilers or behind the scene photos, there are some interesting details, particularly the fact that they are building some huge sets for the film.

What is most interesting is the sheer scale of the production and how much is being done practically and full scale rather than complete CGI.

I wonder if we're going to see the great motion capture and CGI epic that we were expecting, and if we're actually going to get much more of a practical and real feel to the film.

Apart from information on the Avatar sets themselves, there's some seriously interesting information on the plot and the characters. Here are a few titbits from the big story:

"The transport ships for instance achieved a "matte steel appearance" that was undetectable. Those transport ships look pretty much like the new Battlestar Gallactica transports, but much bigger - like ten times bigger. These sets filled the interior of the set buildings in Wellington - to the rafters. All very real looking and NOT scaled down - it was all life size."

Wow, that sounds impressive, and looks like we're going to see a lot more reality based effects than we thought. Originally we were led to believe it would be full motion capture and CGI, well perhaps not.

"Apparently the animals can communicate with the plants of Pandora, but my source was kind of hazy on that. Not only that, but the native Na'vi inhabitants take their own hair and weave it into the hair of Pandora's animals and can communicate that way to them!...Many workers were talking about how they are using LED lights to show how plants "talk" to other plants on the planet. They use these lights to show how electrons move back and forth between plants through their root system...

...A lot of speculation was taking place on the set about how the Avatar chambers work. This is where humans link up with their native avatars to kind of take over their bodies. The chambers were really very cool and if you can picture the cryo chambers in the Alien movies, take those and put them upright with a darker appearance."

Now some of that sounds really interesting, although they are all smaller details they do reveal a little more about the story and the interactions of characters in the film. You can head over to MarketSaw through JoBlo to read the full report they have which does have even more information from behind the scenes.

Although we're still very much in the dark, there's still enough to raise interest levels.



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