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Bangkok Dangerous remake English trailer online

BangkokDangerous-Cage.jpgThe English language trailer for the remake of Bangkok Dangerous is online, and it doesn't make me feel any better than the non-English language trailer did.

The remade film stars Nicolas Cage in a storyline that appears to have been altered rather a lot from the original film.

The original, made in 1999 in Thailand by the visually rich Pang Brothers (Oxide and Danny), tells the story of a hitman who is deaf and mute. He lives and works in Bangkok with his partner, and they are good at their job and good friends outside of it. However his partner gets killed and leaves him to fend for himself, and as his thirst for revenge overtakes his growing affection for an innocent young woman, he reaches a critical decision.

Although the film was flawed, the visuals and some of the sequences were superb and very imaginative, and I really enjoyed it.

So when I heard that it was being remade by the Pang Brothers for Hollywood, I was kind of interested, perhaps they could manage to remake it in the original spirit without getting trampled over by the Hollywood studios. How wrong I was.

For then Nicolas Cage was announced as the lead and the boundaries of the script started to change. Now the plot outline says that a hitman heads to Bangkok for a series of jobs and during them he falls for a local woman and bonds with his errand boy.

Wow, where did the deaf and mute bit go? What about his partner? What about any sort of sense of drama or storyline? Oh dear.

Well the first trailer we saw wasn't great, and made more difficult for me because I couldn't understand it. Then this trailer arrived below. Same trailer, better quality, and in English.

Now I don't actually like the look of the trailer for the new Bangkok Dangerous, because it just looks like a series of cool stunts and broody gun holding moments for Cage, never mind the original story which had a stab at being new and imaginative.

Have a look for yourself. Here's the English language trailer for Bangkok Dangerous (the remake) through Trailer Addict.



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