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Stalked: Beau Bridges in Max Payne and Neal McDonough in Street Fighter

MaxPayne.jpgBeau Bridges has joined the cast of Max Payne as the character's mentor. Although that news in itself isn't hugely exciting, it is rather surprising the level of cast that is being attached to the project, and while it's no A-list, it is certainly pushing upwards.

Neal McDonough is cast in Street Fighter as the character of Bilson, something I hardly expected from the film or him, but then perhaps this film is on the up as well.

The Max Payne film is adapted from the successful and rather innovative computer game which showed a cop hunting down a ruthless killer who had murdered his entire family. a href="http://www.uk.imdb.com/name/nm0000242/" title="Mark Wahlberg on UK IMDB" target="_blank">Mark Wahlberg is set to play Payne.

I'm really keen to see how Max Payne turns out on film because it has such an effective game with some superb style to the gameplay and cuts scenes.

The style mixes bullet time with film noir and comic book panelling, something very unique, and it'll be interesting to see how they develop the film.

The news of Beau Bridges casting comes from Yahoo News.

Is it just going to be straight filming live action so we're left with the film noir, or is it going to heavily stylise the film and make it more like the computer game? I know which I'd rather.

Neal McDonough is a strong actor, and although he's not really an A-list actor, he's definitely not getting B-list roles. It surprises me that he would consider a role in such a videogame adaptation, but that's the word from Capcom through Kombo.

That said, Michael Clarke Duncan I feel is in the same boat, and you do begin to feel there's a little more to this than would first meet the eye. However then you factor in Kristin Kreuk, Chris Klein, Rick Yune, Moon Bloodgood, Taboo, Edmund Chen and Cheng Pei Pei and perhaps we're mistaken after all.

I still don't get the casting of McDonough, is Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li going to be pushing his acting skills? Still Andrzej Bartkowiak directing and Justin Marks writing?...oh I really don't know!



I just wish there was someone else directing this.


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