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Britain's Got Talent winner biographical film

PaulPotts.jpgIt's almost unbelievable but Paul Potts, the operatic singer who became the winner of the television talent show Britain's Got Talent, is to receive the biographical film treatment.

Simon Cowell, the creator and one of the judges of the show, is going to produce the film about the man that even took the normally highly critical music producer by surprise.

Cowell talked to Variety and said that:

"That particular day was one of the worst, the acts were just terrible, we were fed up and on comes this guy with a funny little suit and bad teeth who looked very nervous...I can remember looking at the other judges, with that 'here we go again' feeling. We had 2,000 people in the audience, and I'll never forget how much the room changed when he began singing."

No wonder as Paul Potts' voice is astounding, and I was surprised when I heard him sing. His success has meant that his debut album has sold some three million copies and he is headlining some sixty five concerts in thirteen different countries. Now those are impressive figures.

The film producer Michael Menchel saw Potts' performances on YouTube, and even despite the poor quality he called Simon Cowell and suggested the film deal, something that Paramount were keen to back too.

Cowell talks a little more about the concept of the film and compares the story to Billy Elliot, something that might be quite a fair comparison:

"Most of these calls result in absolutely nothing, but this company got that it's another 'Billy Elliot,' a story anyone in the world can understand...This was his last chance, and he literally decided to enter based on the toss of a coin. And despite his success off the back of the show, the only difference I see in him is that he got his teeth fixed."

Ending with a typical Cowell tongue in cheek comment. As an aside I have to say that I really like Simon Cowell, and he's a man who always tells the truth and says it like it is. I have to say that I've rarely disagreed with him when watching one of the talent shows.

A Paul Potts film though, is there really that much about his life that will make a good film, or are they going to have to embellish his life story in order to give us something interesting? I mean why is his story so much better than any other of the television talent show winners, just because he gained so much success? Hasn't Leona Lewis? Even then, there has to be something interesting in the rest of his life otherwise it comes down to the finding fame and succeeding moment.



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