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Butler producing Law Abiding Citizen

GerardButler.jpgGerard Butler has moved into producing, but not to the detriment of his acting career. He and his manager, Alan Siegel, have started a production company and are beginning with the film Law Abiding Citizen in which Gerard Butler will star.

The script comes from Kurt Wimmer and isn't the only film on the slate, although as yet it's unclear if the company, Evil Twins, is set to produce Butler only starrers.

In Law Abiding Citizen Gerard Butler plays a successful assistant D.A. (when are they not successful?) who has become the focus of a vigilante who has been traumatised by the failure of the legal system, well in their eyes I would assume.

Perhaps the twist is that at the lowest point of his life, when the plot is well underway and his career and life are in tatters, he realises that the person is innocent and begins to fight to prove their innocence, and thus his. That's just me guessing of course, that isn't mentioned in the Variety article at all.

What this might do is allow Butler to appear in some films that he really wants to make and drive his acting career forward, rather than continue to take the Hollywood roles that are thrown his way.



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