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Color of Money remake?

Reaper.jpgThere are a number of poker related films coming out just now, and one of them is Deal, a film starring Burt Reynolds and Brett Harrison, you know, the guy from Reaper who always hums, haws, and sighs his way through saying nothing to the gorgeous lady? Oh, and he's the bounty hunter for the devil too.

It's a great fun television series with the devil being played by Ray Wise who is just utterly superb in that role, he's the best part of the whole series. However Deal is what we're talking about, and the fact that it looks identical to The Color of Money (U.S. spelling!) except with poker.

In The Color of Money Paul Newman played the aged up pool player who takes on the young hopeful to shape him into a professional, along the way learning the ways of the pool hall shark. With Deal that role is taken by Burt Reynolds and the young hopeful of Tom Cruise is replaced by Brett Harrison.

Watching the trailer everything is there, even the character dynamics and to a degree the mannerisms of the leads, and it looks almost identical. I think this film has just given us it's tell.

You can see the trailer over at Cinema Blend [Flash], or you can view the trailer directly in Quicktime HD, 480p and 720p.



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