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Controversial Houndog film released

DakotaFanning.jpgYou'll remember that the talk of the film Houndog caused quite a stir when it was first shown, for it carries with it a short, and very carefully filmed, scene of child rape. Instantly those words caused great upset, and with people who hadn't even seen the film or understood the context, the mere mention of the words were enough to stir people to action.

However the truth of the scene, and the film, are a totally different matter, and that is clearly apparent now that the film is getting a release.

Not only is it getting released in North America, but the MPAA have assigned the film a PG-13 rating and the Rape and Incest National Network (RAINN) have given the film an endorsement.

As I said back at the time, the scenes in Houndog were filmed very carefully, Dakota Fanning was never naked, she never acted with anyone on her, and the scene was cut together very carefully.

Not only that but it is one scene out of an entire film that is representing much more, and actually has a message to bring to people, and RAINN agree. The very fact that it has received a PG-13 has to say a lot too, and it's not that the values of the MPAA are being eroded.

Cinema Blend have the story and point out that the film is going to do well if the controversy continues, and I find that rather depressing. It's going to be the controversy over an issue that doesn't really exist, the claims of child abuse and pornography that have been banded around for this one scene are outweighing any benefit of the film as an entirety, a benefit that RAINN see since they have endorsed the film.

It's a story about a child who has to deal with a terrible life and how she does that, it raises awareness of what can actually happen and perhaps, like The Woodsman (Filmstalker review), tackles a subject that most people are scared to address in an open and adult way, rather than a mob heavy sixteenth century way.



amazing how many people like to throw stones about how naughty these filmmakers were for putting something like this out there...

...really a shame the ammount of self censorship we adhere to in american cinema.

forget hounddog Dakota has reached her all time low now she is doing a lesbian hardcore porn film called the runaways her co star is Kristen Stewart and she said Dakota will have to lose herself here because the scenes are very heavy i get to De-Flower Dakota Fanning this is disgusting because Dakota fanning is only 15 and she is far too young to have sex the legal age for sex in California is 18 and i am talking about real erotic steamy lesbian scenes a 15 year old with a 19 year old some one has a sick mind has Hollywood gone totally insane you can't put a 15 year old in a movie and start her doing hardcore lesbian sex the film makers will get into trouble arrested i do not know how on earth they will get away with this anyone would have to be as sick to watch this as the people who are making the movie

Paul, I don't know where you get your information from but it's totally wrong. The Runaways has no such scenes and the film is not going to be about lesbian sex.

There may be some scenes of a sexual nature but they will be in tone of the film which is going to be much more drama based and about the relationships and lives of the singers involved int the film.

It's most definitely not hardcore porn.


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