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Curtis' first non romantic comedy

RichardCurtis.jpgRichard Curtis has begun filming The Boat that Rocked, a film that is being billed as his first non-romantic comedy.

However saying that there's plenty of comedy and there is a romance, so how different is it really?

The Boat that Rocked is a film about a pirate radio station running in 1966 on board a boat which is anchored off the English coastline, this ensures that they remain outside UK broadcasting laws but can still be heard from the mainland.

It stars such names as Philip Seymour Hoffman, Bill Nighy, Rhys Ifans, Nick Frost, Kenneth Branagh, January Jones, Tom Sturridge, Jack Davenport, Ralph Brown (not sure if that's the right one - Richard) and Chris O'Dowd and so promises a rather strong ensemble cast, but is it really such a departure from those romantic comedies he's been doing to date?

Hoffman, Ifans and Frost are all playing DJ's on the boat, according to Variety, with Nighy as their boss. Branagh is the Government Minister who is doing all he can to shut them down.

There's plenty more comedy that's for certain, but we already heard that it's sounding very similar to before, here's a comment from that previous story:

"...surprisingly it's reading like a romantic comedy once again, something that I was sure Curtis had said he wasn't going to do anymore of, particularly at Working Title. The film has two DJ's on a boat pirate radio station when one of their girlfriends' visit and falls in love with the other."

Is Richard Curtis really doing something different here, or is it just less romance and more comedy?



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