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Director explains Incredible Hulk trailer

LouisLeterrier.jpgLouis Leterrier, the director of Transporter, Hitman and now the upcoming The Incredible Hulk, has been talking about the trailer that arrived the other day, and what the sequences mean.

While he is talking a little about the plot and giving some stuff away, the most interesting comments he has are around why the trailer has come so late, the amount of unfinished work in the film, and that big final fight scene.

There's a big spread on Louis Leterrier talking about The Incredible Hulk trailer online over at Empire, and there are two sections of it that really caught my eye.

On page ten he talks about the first reveal of the Hulk and about the delays in bringing out the trailer:

"[We released the trailer quite late because] no shots are finished yet. That's why we took so long to release the teaser, because unlike the other movies coming out this summer, our main character relies on so much calculation and technique. None of the shots in this trailer are finished shots, but I think it's decent enough and it shows the audience what we're going for."

So these aren't finished shots? Well I am impressed then, because even now the CGI looks great, particularly on Hulk and Adomination. So there's more to see, and it looks as though it's only the cinema audiences that are getting their chance.

"There's a different version of the teaser that will only be shown in movie theatres where you see a close-up of the Hulk's face as he comes out of the darkness and cries to [Betty]. A full close-up, like full-screen. And until we had that shot right I didn't want to release it. That's why it took so long for us."

Then there's the final fight scene which we see the beginning of at the end of the trailer, and this isn't any ordinary fight sequence, oh no, this looks like it's going to be some twenty six minutes long. Aren't we going to be a little bored? On page eleven Leterrier says:

"...our final scene, our final battle - unlike a normal movie where the final fight scene is six minutes long, ours is 26 minutes long! So you get 26 minutes of two monsters pummelling each other through New York City, jumping up and down, ripping helicopters from the sky and stuff. You know, lots of green blood on the street, splashed all around...you've seen just the beginning of the face-off, with the monsters running towards each other - BOOM! - they smash into each other, and then craziness ensues. Some humans try to get out of the way but no, they can't… there's a little bit of collateral damage! (Laughs) There's a bit of a bodycount. Not on account of the Hulk - the Hulk's a saviour - but Blomsky is ruthless."

Oh, now that sounds interesting, but twenty six minutes? Surely we're going to be a little tired of it all by the end? It does depend how exciting they make it all I guess, and from the initial accounts they really are going for it.

I have to admit that I was impressed by the trailer, it's more than I was expecting, however it still felt a little flat to me, I never really became that excited by it. Perhaps the next one will, but Leterrier's words here have really ramped up the interest levels though.

Hulk as the saviour? He's now a well established character with Banner and it seems that he's learning to control him, and indeed use him. Could this be the better Hulk film?



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