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Disney bury 9/11 film?

Pathto911.jpgThere's some political intrigue about Disney at their annual shareholders' meeting as the executives are asked why they aren't releasing the film The Path to 9/11 on DVD in an attempt to recoup the losses it brought upon them after they edited it at the government's request and ran it without commercials on television.

An investor accused some Disney executives of protecting Hillary Clinton's campaign for President instead of looking after shareholders and trying to recoup the US $40 million it lost on the project.

When The Path to 9/11 was ready to be released in 2006 on ABC, leading Democrats asked Disney not to show the program as it was highly critical of Bill Clinton and his handling of terrorist threats. However Disney showed some sense at the time and showed the film, albeit with heavy edits and void of all advertising. This resulted in a huge loss of revenue.

At the shareholders meeting the fund manager and investor Tom Borelli accused the executives of protecting Hillary Clinton's Presidential campaign by not releasing the film on DVD and ignoring the potential monetary rewards of releasing such a controversial and topical film, something akin to documentaries from the likes of Michael Moore such as Fahrenheit 9/11 which Disney did release and made a lot of money from.

Borelli pointed out that the CEO, Robert Iger, has been a Hillary Clinton donor since before she was even elected to the Senate, and that he had a letter from a representative of Lionsgate saying that Disney had no intention of selling the DVD rights to another company to allow them to distribute it.

What was interesting is that according to Yahoo News this question was raised after another shareholder objected to foul language and persistent sexual innuendos on shows such as ABC's Ugly Betty and Good Morning America, at which point the CEO stated the freedom of speech for ABC, something that is clearly not the case when Path to 9/11 is brought into the discussion, which is exactly what Borelli did.

Apparently this isn't an isolated case as the screenwriter of the film, Cyrus Nowrasteh, has said before that a top executive at ABC told him that "if Hillary weren't running for president, this wouldn't be a problem."

It wouldn't surprise me if Disney were in fact holding off the release of the film because of pressure from political sources, because in a time when political documentaries are seen as strong money earners it would seem strange not to release it on DVD and capitalise on the hype surrounding the claim of the heavy editing and the political controversy surrounding it. In fact releasing it now while Hillary Clinton is in the Presidential campaign would do nothing but heighten the sales don't you think?

Should Disney deny The Path to 9/11 a DVD release during the campaign and release it after, or should it be kept from DVD completely because the Democratic party say so?



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