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Disney quiet on Pirates of the Caribbean 4

POTC-WorldsEnd.jpgDespite there being rumours of early work beginning on the idea of a fourth Pirates of the Caribbean film, the CEO of Disney has openly declined to comment about the possibility of a fourth film.

Now, at least, they aren't simply saying no, which was clearly the word after Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (Filmstalker review).

Speaking at Disney's annual shareholder's meeting the CEO, Robert Iger, was asked to commit to a fourth film in the series, to which he declined according to Yahoo News.

Now that isn't a flat refusal, he's just not wanting to commit to it in front of all the shareholders, because projects come and go and it might never get made.

However can we read anything into the comment? Not really. I don't think this gives us an indication either way, and if they really are working on Pirates of the Caribbean 4 then I suspect they would keep it very quiet, after all it could mean a major change in direction and/or cast since some of the three time leads have openly said that three was enough for them and they wouldn't return. There's plenty of sensitive negotiations to be had there, or just a change of direction to write them out and focus on some of the other leads, Johnny Depp in other words.



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