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Dolph Lundgren directing

DolphLundgren.jpgDolph Lundgren has a number of directing credits to his name, something I never realised until now, and his next seems to be a Steven Seagull inspired film called Command Performance.

The story sees him as a drummer at a rock concert who has to save the day with his ex-Marine skills.

You have to admire this guy for coming back so often and sustaining such a career, and especially for finding and sustaining an audience for his films. Looking at the action hero actors around him you have to wonder who the real big name is. Could it really be actors who have a few big name successes under their belt, or is it someone like Lundgren who manages to keep going and pushing out films that still find an audience?

Well his latest, Command Performance, sees him direct and star in a film as the ex-Marine drummer at a rock concert that gets taken over by bad guys who are intent on getting hold of the Russian Premier whom the concert is for.

It does sound like that Seagull film, or Die Hard for that matter. However Dolph Lundgren through Yahoo News tells us that he got the idea from a different source.

"I got the idea from Madonna…She did a concert for (outgoing Russian President Vladimir) Putin a few years ago."

What's more admirable is that he won't just be directing, starring, co-scripting and doing his own stunts in the film, but he'll also be playing the drums himself.

"I used to play when I was a kid. Now I play at wrap parties after I've had a few tequila shots…It'll be fun."

Okay, at fifty he's totally winning me over. Someone give this guy a big budget, a good script and let's see him make a comeback to big screen releases.

He even has an altogether healthy view of his own career:

"While the quality has been up and down, I think things are going a little better now that I am directing"

Go on Hollywood, I'd love to see him in a big budget action film. It would be even better if they could get a couple of other names in there to star alongside him. The hour of the eighties action hero has definitely returned.



Lungren directs? Wow, that's news to me!

I know, but he has, and he's directed a fair bit too.


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