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Eastwood not reviving Dirt Harry

ClintEastwood.jpgI was really sceptical about the rumour of Clint Eastwood reviving Dirty Harry, in fact I didn't really believe it was true, and now there's a new explanation of the plot of his next film Gran Torino where he appears in front of the camera as well as directing.

The original rumour had some rather dubious comments in it and didn't feel right for an Eastwood film, but this new rumour sounds more like his style and the kind of film he'd want to make.

The previous rumour had Clint Eastwood reviving the Dirty Harry character, and the source was someone selling a Gran Torino car, from the title of the film, to someone from a studio who apparently knew everything about the film and imparted it to the seller.

This is despite there being nothing officially said from the studio and the fact that someone sent to buy a car wouldn't really know that amount of detail, much less reveal their identity as the studio person who was buying the car in the first place.

FilmJerk through Rope of Silicon seem to have the proper answer though, here's what they have:

“Our source tells us this will be a simple, quiet and compelling drama about Walt (Eastwood), a rural bigot who finds his outlook on life changed after a family of Hmong immigrants move into the home next to his own, striking up a friendship with the family's teenaged son Tao over the older man's now-classic car.”

Hollywood Elsewhere have taken the time to tell us what Hmong means:

“The terms Hmong and Mong refer to an Asian ethnic group from the mountainous regions of southern China. Hmong currently live in several countries in Southeast Asia, including northern Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, and Myanmar.”

Now that sounds much more likely than the previous rumour. Eastwood is much more about people and relationships than old action heroes now. Although, saying that, I really did like the idea of revisiting Dirty Harry in the same way that Eastwood revisited his cowboy character in Unforgiven.



God Dammit! :(

Hmm... I don't think the actors will be Hmong.
I think it'll be some sort of chinese dude. Like Grey's Anatomy... that was a load of bull.
And if it is gonna be hmong, they'll need acting class.. cuz so far, I haven't seen one that was able to act very well.
Prove me wrong.


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