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Eddie Murphy's Meet Dave trailer online

MeetDave.jpgI've finally managed to watch the trailer for the next Eddie Murphy film Meet Dave, and I'm rather surprised because for the most part it looks okay. Not anything spectacular, although there are some hints at cleverness, but the main thing is it doesn't look the standard and poor comedy that he's been known for of late.

To remind you the film follows the adventures of a crew of aliens who operate a spaceship that looks and operates just like a human, a human that looks like the captain of the spaceship.

The crew are actually trying to save their planet, but the spaceship falls in love with a normal woman and begins to revolt against those inside his head controlling him.

Meet Dave, formerly Starship Dave, sounds like a strange and pretty rubbish concept, but actually seeing the trailer you discover there are some clever moments in the script and that this could actually deliver a strong comedy for Eddie Murphy, something that he's in desperate need of.

You can see the trailer over at Yahoo Movies [Flash:QT:480p:720p:1080p] through Moviehole.

What do you think of it? Could Murphy regain his greatness here, or at least step in the right direction? When was he last in a good film?



Hmm, aren't all of Eddie's recent roles somehow the same?

Damn right they are. Over the top, bodily function humour, and playing multiple parts, usually old people and/or women.


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