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Fame remake another dance film?

Fame.jpgWith the news that there's a new director helming the remake of the classic Alan Parker musical Fame comes the realisation that this is probably going to turn out to be just another dance film like all these dull ones that have passed us by so far.

That's because the new director is mainly a dancer and a choreographer.

Kevin Tancharoen has been a choreographer and dancer for some time but has also been directing dancing television series such as Twentyfourseven and The Search for the Next Doll – the series looking for a new Pussycat Doll.

So he's now going to direct the Fame remake according to Variety through Latino Review, the original being a classic which spawned albums and television series galore, and came from the excellent director Alan Parker who despite having a number of musicals in his career is more of a dramatic director than anything.

The two just don't compare, and it just seems to me that this is going to be turned into the same old dance film that we're seeing churned out time and time again, where either there's a racial, class or just idealogical issue that someone overcomes in order to win recognition as being a dancer.

Of course I could be wrong and this new Fame film could have the power, character and emotional investment that the original did – sure it's no Crash (Filmstalker review), but it has all those elements of an ensemble film which addresses so many different issues facing people in a modern society.

At least the musical aspects are going to be good, but I doubt it's going to capture our hearts as the original did. Especially not with this news.



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