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Fanboys gets dual release

Fanboys.jpgFanboys, the story about a group of complete Star Wars fans who break into the Skywalker Ranch to see The Phantom Menace, has been held back for release for some two years by the Weinstein Company.

However the news is that it might finally get a release, and not just with the Weinstein cut version which is causing the fans much concern, but also with the full, original director's version of the film.

You see Fanboys has come had quite a difficult journey to this point. When it was made the story didn't sit well with the Weinstein's as the motivation for the characters crazy journey was because one of them had just been diagnosed with cancer.

So they ordered reshoots and edits that wiped that entire thread of the story from the film, and now that there are two versions of the film the Weinstein's and the film-makers are fighting over which version should be release, hence the two year wait.

Obviously the Weinstein's have listened to the complaints though, complaints that aren't just coming from the film-makers but from the fans as well, as they've announced that they plan to release both their version and the film-makers version on DVD.

Although the announcement wasn't made at the time, an inside source through The Hollywood Reporter says that both versions will also receive theatrical releases.

However this hasn't appeased the film-makers who are concerned this is more of a stunt according to Kevin Mann, one of the producers on the film:

"This is more about avoiding picket lines at 'Superhero' than it was about making a decision about the release of our movie… The original reason we wanted to get involved with this script was because it was a comedy with heart…In my opinion, when the cancer was taken out, the heart went with it."

Jay Baruchel, Kristen Bell, Seth Rogen and Dan Fogler star in the film and both the script and screened footage of the film to date have been well received by audiences and fans, however the Weinstein Company have still been reluctant to release it.

It seems, according to an insider, that the company feel it's difficult to market this film and they would like to market it as a teen comedy while the film-makers were filming more of a dramatic comedy.

You can read the full history of the film over with the original article, but it certainly is clear that the Weinstein's have not been happy to release it, until now.

It seems though that the Weinstein's finally began testing the two film this year and there was little difference between the two versions, however the version without the cancer storyline, the Weinstein cut of the film, ultimately won.

However the dual DVD release remains an announcement without a date, and the dual theatrical release little more than a rumour. The fan base seem to believe, just as the producers do, that this is a move to stop any boycotts of their existing films by those who want to see the original Fanboys released.

Even if they do hit a dual release there's concern that this will be more a money earning exercise as the two releases will be some time apart and then there'll probably be a third DVD with both films released as one.

I haven't really been that close to the story until now, but it is fair to say that the Weinstein's do have a reputation of being heavily involved in reworking films before they are released, but this time the fans are having their way, at least on paper for the moment, we've yet to see if the announcement becomes a reality.

You can see a trailer for the film from years back here on Filmstalker.



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