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Filmstalker Hotdog Awards nominations

Hotdog-small.gifThe Filmstalker Hotdog Awards 2008 are entering the nominations stages...finally. Now that a few regulars have voted for the categories that they would like to see in the Filmstalker Hotdog Awards 2008, they are being opened up for voting, and it's pretty easy to have your say.

We're in the nominations stages, that means that you get to decide the nominations, and they could be any person or film that matches the category and represents a film that was released in your country in 2007.

Yes, it's been a while, and for that I make no apologies, life has been hectic what with a wedding, family illness as well as a full time job and Filmstalker to cope with, but I promise that the rest of the Awards will race forwards, as long as you enter and have your say.

To do that it's easy enough, the categories have been chosen and all you have to do is suggest and/or vote for your favourites in the categories, and those are:

Best Film
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Director
Best Editing as suggested by chrisrus
Best Adapted Screenplay as suggested by Simone
Best Original Screenplay as suggested by Simone
Best Villain as suggested by Weezy
Best Acting Ensemble as suggested by Simone
Best TV Series available on DVD as suggested by BKelloggSr
Best Film Score as suggested by BKelloggSr

Now it's easy to vote, at the bottom of this feature you'll see a running list of the nominations and their votes, or stalks as they are called here on Filmstalker, just select the nomination you'd like to vote for and you'll head over toFilmstalker Readerswhere you can vote. Remember to sign in first.

To submit a new nomination, just use your bookmarklet that you've grabbed from Filmstalker Readers, or head over there and select the Submit a new story button. It would be incredibly helpful if you used the relevant IMDB page as the link for the nomination, this'll help others read up about the film, actor, etc. that you're referring to, and feel free to write something up about your nomination. Lastly, before you submit, make sure you have the Category right for the nomination, it's one of the ones above.

If you haven't registered for Filmstalker Readers as yet, or you don't know how to use it, head over to the Filmstalker Readers tutorial which will walk you through it. It's very simple, really. Any questions, just ask.

Now here's the running list of nominations so far, and remember this is a live list:

Now get submitting and voting!



2007 seems like a long time ago, I have to think hard who were the best that year. I have put it 1 nomination so far, I have to come up with some more especially in the categories I have nominated!

Well it's pretty easy, just find the UK IMDB 2007 releases, which believe me is no easy task, even when you're on the UK IMDB site it continues to show you all the release and now showing information for the US - which is idiotic.

Anyway, that link will take you to the releases for 2007, and there's a country browser on the left hand side to change to your country.


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