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Filmstalker's 2nd birthday!

Fireworks.jpgFilmstalker is two years old today, can you believe it? I can't, it actually feels much longer, especially considering the size that the site has grown to.

So what's happened in the last year and what do you think of Filmstalker now it's two years old, and what's in line for the site in the coming year?

Surprisingly, especially to me, the site has continued to increase in visitor numbers. There was a period when I increased the amount of posts I wrote per day and turned to reporting a lot more news, and while that did raise numbers, I can't say I was entirely happy with the content and it put a strong drain on my personal life.

You have to realise that even with the help of the regulars and Louise writing weekend roundups, this site is me and me alone. Right now it's the hardest time for me too as I'm organising my wedding and stag, holding down a full time job, and with a major illness in the family life has never more demanding.

The pressure to stop Filmstalker is at its strongest, and yet even now I'm still enjoying it, so that definitely tells me something.

This year, and in the last few months, the site broke all previous records of visitors in one day, and by a scary amount indeed. I've forked out a ton for hosting and bandwidth, and with the costs rising I'm definitely going to have to look at the hosting options very soon.

Surprisingly there haven't been huge mentions of Filmstalker this year, and yet the figures and visitors continue to rise. I was interviewed for the International Herald Tribune about freedom of speech online, and the Daily Mail, but the defining moment for me was seeing my review quote for The Flying Scotsman (Filmstalker review) on the UK DVD. Bold as brass, right at the top - If anyone from the distribution company could give me a large PDF of that image it'll go straight up on my cinema room wall!

So what's coming up? Well there's some technical stuff in the background. We might see the introduction of forums and a few other cool and useful features, a huge upgrade or change for the software that runs the site, and perhaps a hosting change. Loads of work!

Pretty soon I may be working closely with a large film related company, it's in the early stages just now, but it would mean a lot more content in terms of reviews, and quite a lot of readers benefits with prizes and deals. Don't worry though, this does not influence the reviews or the content of the site in any way, it's all good.

This year may also be the year that I add more writers, although for me that's a very difficult one. I love doing this, and Filmstalker is all about me, my tastes, and the loyal readers. I'm still not sure if I'm ready to move it away from that and create a brand with multiple writers and dilute it to just another group film site.

I'd just like to say a huge thanks to the readers that have stayed with us these two years, and the new ones that have arrived, you all know who you are and I want to see a name check in the comments from you.

Filmstalker would not be anything without you to read it and interact, and if you didn't I really wouldn't be interested in going on.

A big thank you to you all, and I shall raise a glass of whiskey this evening with a wee toast for you.

With that, I'd like to hear from you about what you would want to see in the third year of Filmstalker, you could say Filmstalker's trilogy.

What do you like or dislike about the site? What is missing and what would you like to see improved? Let us know and I can see if I can get it going this year.

In the meantime, many thanks again to you, the reader. Happy third second birthday Filmstalker, and here's to the third year...yes, that's better - thanks Michelle!



Happy Birthday!?

Yay two years! Happy birthday filmstalker :) I think i'm one of the more recent arrivals. I love the site, your unbiased views on films and the fact that i've been introduced to films that i might never normally have heard of elsewhere. I really do appreciate all the effort you put in and hope that it continues for a long time.

One thing i'd love is to make it easier to be able to see older posts which are more than a day old as sometimes I'm unable to check the site for a couple of days and i haven't seen any way to do that? Forums would be good too, although i'm not the most intellectual person I do like discussing films from time to time.

Happy Birthday .. I think it's been a good year, weill have a re-think about improvements and suchlike & give you a mail durin teh week.. I might get me a whiskey myself ;)

YAY! 2 years old, but youre right though, Im also having this deja vu kind of feeling that FS must have been here much longer than 2 yrs! Quite excited with ur plans for the site too. I'll have that whiskey, raising my glass, and wishing all the best to you Richard and Filmstalker!

Richard i just noticed on the last line you say happy 3rd birthday instead of 2nd!

Congrats Richard!

Late to the party, all the best in continuing success with Filmstalker, Richard.

still reading eveyr day, good man. I'm lazy with my comments, and i promise i'll be better in the future.

here's to many more.


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