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Filmstalker's Week 24th to 30th March

Newspapers.jpgThis week there are two competitions to enter, and three film reviews including Eastern Promises and The Sixth of May. There are also plenty of trailers such as Redbelt, Meet Dave and the US remake of Bangkok Dangerous. Also we have the best of the week's news, including the latest casting for Oliver Stone's film about George W Bush, and a potential new project for Madonna.


In the next stage of the Filmstalker Hot Dog Awards, you can nominate your choice of nominees in the categories.


You can win a DVD copy of On the Black Hill.

And you can also win St Ives/All for Love on DVD too.


Richard has been busy reviewing this week, first up is Eastern Promises. This one stars Viggo Mortensen, Vincent Cassel and Naomi Watts.

He also reviewed The Sixth of May.

And he also revisited Hitman and reviewed the Extended Edition DVD.


There is a new trailer for David Mamet's Redbelt.

Eddie Murphy is trying to get back on track with Meet Dave.

My Sassy Girl stars Elisha Cuthbert and Jesse Bradford. It actually looks quite good, the second half of the trailer does look like the average romantic comedy though.

The US remake of Bangkok Dangerous stars Nicholas Cage, it does seem to have lost some of the original's plot details though.


Keanu Reeves says he isn't interested in doing a sequel to Constantine.

The PS3 is to get some upgraded Blu-ray features. I just bought mine recently and I'm very impressed.

Both versions of Fanboys are to be released on DVD, and may also be released in cinemas.

Hugh Jackman has made a deal with Virgin Comics. He will create his own comic which may end being made into a film.

Elizabeth Banks has joined the cast of Oliver Stone's film about George W Bush. She will be playing Laura Bush.

Ubisoft have bought the rights to the Tom Clancy brand. They make great Tom Clancy games, like Rainbow Six and Splinter Cell, and we could be seeing films as well with this new deal.

Tobey Maguire is also turning to comic books for inspiration. He is turning the comic Afterburn into a film.

There was more casting news for W, Oliver Stone's George Bush film. James Cromwell and Ellen Burstyn will play George Bush Sr and Barbara Bush.

Chris Carter has been talking about The X Files 2 film.

Spike Lee says that a sequel to Inside Man is still on.

Oh Lord, Girls Aloud want to star in their own film.

And my favourite artist Madonna may be looking for another film project, this time it's a remake of Casablanca. Puzzled looks all round.



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