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Filmstalker's Week 25th February to 2nd March

Newspapers.jpgAnother week has passed and another roundup is here. There are reviews of Diary of the Dead and The Bank Job, plus some new trailers and the pick of last weeks news.


Voting is underway for the inaugural Filmstalker Hotdog Awards. The first round of voting gives you the opportunity to decide what categories there will be. So go have a look and nominate the category of your choice.


You still have the opportunity to write your own feature article for Filmstalker, and with that the chance to win a prize.

And the Family Guy competition is in the final stages with you the reader choosing the winner.


Richard reviewed Diary of the Dead.

He also took a trip to the cinema to see The Bank Job, and I went along for the film as well, okay so I went for the hotdog too.

And lastly he also reviewed the US remake of Funny Games.


100 Feet stars Famke Janssen, she kills her abusive husband and is put under house arrest. However hubby isn't too pleased about the whole killing thing, and is seeking revenge from beyond the grave.

Starship Troopers 3 doesn't look a patch on the original, are those greenscreen shots meant to look that bad?

We saw the trailer for The Fall, and it looks great.

There is a new Get Smart trailer which actually got a couple of laughs from me.

Dark Matter stars Meryl Streep, Aidan Quinn and Ye Liu. Ye Liu plays a highly intelligent Chinese student at an American university, academic politics however push him to the edge.

Sex and the City has a new theatrical trailer in HD. I can see the queue of couples for this on opening night already, with most of the blokes itching to see something else...

Mike Myer's Love Guru trailer has some funny moments, but for me it's not drastically different from his previous characters, I was even thinking of him in Shrek half way through.

And now for my favourite trailer of the week, Iron Man. I can't wait to see this.


Following the decision by Toshiba to pull HD-DVD, Microsoft will no longer be producing the HD-DVD add on for the XBox 360.

The Odeon chain of cinemas spat the dummy and refused to show Rambo.

Mike Tyson seemed to suggest that Jamie Foxx will play him in the film of his life.

Brett Morgen could be set to make a film about Kurt Cobain's life, but it will be done in a slightly unusual way.

The on again off again saga of the Justice League of America film has swung back to on again. Who knows how long for though...

Oh joy another autobiographical film on the horizon, unfortunately it's a film about Russell Brand. If you just asked "Who?" then not to worry.

We got a peek at the cars of Fast and the Furious 4 on set.

The BBFC have decided to ban Nick Palumbo's Murder Set Pieces.

Worst Case Scenario, the story of Nazi soldiers coming back from the dead as Zombies, may be back on.

There may be a Pirates of the Caribbean 4 in 2011, we wil have to wait and see if the "inside source" is correct.

You could be in with a chance of appearing in one of the final scenes of Darren Aronofsky's The Wrestler. Read on for the websites to visit.



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