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Flashbacks of a Fool trailer in multiple formats

DanielCraig.jpgThe strength of Flashbacks of a Fool really didn't strike me until I saw the trailer when it first appeared, and then I was caught by the slow burning development of the script and the fantastic performance of Daniel Craig.

What I particularly love is the fact that Craig is playing a washed up film star with a huge career behind him, far behind him.

I think it takes a brave actor to play a role such as this, because it's a reflection of so many actual people, and it could have been, or even might be, the actor playing the role now.

Not just that but you can imagine that there are so many actors with huge egos who just wouldn't touch a role like this. Maybe tempting fate or perhaps showing too much of their vulnerable side, whatever the reason it shows something much stronger in the actor who just happens to be playing Bond.

Here's the Flashbacks of a Fool trailer:

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