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Gears of War has a director

GearsofWar.jpgHaving just completed Gears of War for the second time, on insane no less (co-op with Louise who delivered the final shot) I'm interested to see how the videogame fares in the world of film, especially with the comparisons to Halo and seeing how that videogame has failed to make the leap.

However this film seems to be moving forward and could well be looking to beat Halo to the big screen. Now, according to a producer from the Gears of War film, it has a script and a director.

We already knew that Stuart Beattie was already writing the script for the film, but according to the producer Wyck Godfrey through Coming Soon, the script is now complete, and more than that they have a director.

“We've got our script on and a director we're about to attach. We'll hopefully make that early next year for the summer of 2010.”

They've also got a predicted release date, now that is optimistic. Mind you, Gears of War is getting closer to the mark than Halo did.

Now remember that Beattie wrote Collateral and Derailed (Filmstalker review), as well as helping create the success of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

The film is described as an epic one that takes on massively scoped worlds. Well I firmly disagree with that as when you play the game it is set on one world and the concentration is very much on defeating the creatures on each level. The backstory is excellent though and would provide for some great cinematic moments.

You see man has lived in peace for so long, and when the creatures called The Horde arrived they managed to live in peace for a while. However it seems the Horde were tunnelling beneath the planet and preparing to launch a massive assault on humankind.

They do, and they are winning, and as a last resort man destroys their own world to save what little there is left of humankind, and Gears of War starts where the fight begins to take back the planet.

Behind the game is the plot of delivering a device to map the tunnels beneath the planet, and then to deliver the bomb itself. Really though it doesn't matter as it's more about killing the bad guys as they get bigger and tougher.

To be honest the plot does fall behind that of Halo, and despite the claims, the cinematic feel, the epic scope, the characters, they are on a par with Halo. So why is Gears of War racing ahead more than Halo did?

Perhaps for one it's timing. Gears of War is still a well played game, and it isn't coming too late after it's first release with the second game promised. It also is darker and the characters are more cynical and tarnished than the squeaky clean heroes in Halo.

What do you think? Why is Gears of War making it and Halo isn't?

We'll have to wait to see who the director is going to be and see if this videogame adaptation is going to make it where Halo didn't.



Yeah! Have that General Raam.

I guess the success of a film version would depend on the director, and also the amount of money available to create The Horde. It could be an epic film, or it could be a straight to DVD disaster. They can feel free to not include those wretches though...Talk about scary.

Well done on completing gears of war on insane. It took me and my friend so long to do it but it was worth it. The sequel is coming in November.

As for the movie i liked the script treatment which got leaked a long while ago. I personally think Gears of War is more appealing than a halo one but that's just my opinion.

They'd have to make sure the characters are pretty spot on to the ones in the game otherwise whats the point? I've seen this before in the resident evil movies.

Well I'd say Louise deserves the glory, she delivered the final blow.

I actually liked the Resident Evil films, they weren't that bad a film and not that bad a videogame adaptation.

I saw that script treatment a while ago too.

I think it would make a good film, but I don't think it's any more epic than Halo.

I cared a lot more about the characters in Gears of War, if Dom went down I'd frantically rush over to help him up - in Halo 3, I would laugh if the Arbiter died, maybe I'm just a bad person:p

All I can think of right now though is... Can't stop the Cole-train! Michael Clarke Duncan anyone?

I think we can safely say it was a team effort taking him down...

I would prefer a Gears of War film to a Halo film, especially considering the rubbish plot in Halo 3. I never laughed when the Arbiter died though, mainly because I was always playing as him at the time though!

Cole always annoyed me with his lack of sensible help whilst killing alien scum, but Michael Clarke Duncan would be a good choice. John Leguizamo would make a good Dom I think, but he'd have to beef up considerably.

Well that is true Kenny, I did feel more of a connection with the characters in GoW, even if as Louise says it was anger at them being so stupid!

Michael Clarke Duncan is a good choice, what about Ving Rhames as well? He'd be a corker.

I'm struggling thinking of a good Dom though.


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