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Genius of Unspeakable Evil gets made

I love the idea of the story of I Am a Genius of Unspeakable Evil and I Want to Be Your Class President, which is a book idea from the writer behind The Daily Show, Josh Lieb. It tells of a teenager who everybody assumes is a bit of an idiot and rather nerdy, however he's actually an evil genius, the third richest person on the planet, and is in line to claim his evil empire when he turns eighteen.

Of course the problem is that he has to wait on his inheritance, so in the meantime he's hiding out as no one of any real importance until his eighteenth birthday.

How cool an idea is that? Even his family don't realise who he really is, and beneath his house lies his huge underground lair.

According to as the story develops the boy is desperately trying to prove himself to his father, who is a good guy, by becoming Class President. At the same time he's working plans to stage coups in Central America.

It seems that McG is to produce the film, and that probably puts him first in line to direct, hopefully that won't be a bad thing for the film because the idea is a complete stonker.



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