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George W. Bush parents cast

GeorgeBush.jpgThe film which from Oliver Stone about George W. Bush seems to be racing ahead as the announcement comes that his parents have been cast, and with the previous family announcements we're looking at a fantastically strong set of actors.

Both George Herbert Walker Bush and Barbara Bush have been cast in the film, and the actors behind the names are great choices.

James Cromwell will play the big Bush, and Ellen Burstyn will play Barbara Bush according to Variety.

Now add to those two names that of Josh Brolin as George W. Bush and Elizabeth Banks as Laura Bush, and I think we're already looking at a top notch cast for the film simply titled W.

One reason the film is racing ahead with casting is that the film is expected to be ready for the Presidential elections in January, when George W. Bush will leave the Whitehouse and America will see a change of leadership, and perhaps direction.

What I'm really wanting to hear more about is the plot, and what the film will actually cover and focus on in terms of the life of George W. Bush. I wonder if Oliver Stone is going to be kind to him or not. I suspect not, although knowing Stone it might have a bias, but it should be pretty even handed on the whole. Shouldn't it?



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