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Girls Aloud want their Spice World?

GirlsAloud.jpgGirls Aloud are apparently not content with dominating the music charts, now they want to have a go at the big screen too, in their very own film.

They've been talking about how they want to have their own film but they've been sent some really awful scripts and nothing has captured their imagination.

While so far they've filmed a cameo in the remake of St Trinian's, and Sarah Harding seems to be picking up a few more roles, there's nothing on the horizon for the entire group.

However from an unnamed source Digital Spy have Kimberley Walsh talking about how they would like to develop an idea:

“We want it to be a Friends and Sex And The City kind of thing, all morphed into one.”

Now that's a rather good idea, I could see that kind of mix working well for the girls and their public personas as well as appealing to the age ranges of their fans. Nicola Roberts said that:

“We've been given a lot of dodgy scripts - they were all awful. One was a horror film where we would have been running through the woods in our underwear.”

Oh now there's a film that could keep a fair percentage of fans happy. Seriously though, how any people would really want to see a Girls Aloud film, and what form would you want to see it take? Not Spice World surely?



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