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Goyer's Scanners rewritten

Scanners.jpgDavid Goyer was the man who was writing the remake of the classic David Cronenberg film Scanners, but now there's word that his script is being re-written and that the film has been delayed while they look for someone to do it.

Scanners is a classic horror film about people who have been given an experimental treatment at birth and have developed amazing abilities since. Using the power of their mind they can manipulate the world around them, and there are two groups, one trying to fit in with society and the other trying to take it over.

I'm surprised that David Goyer's take isn't being used, or perhaps it is and this will be the basis of the re-write, who knows. The most we can get from the Bloody Disgusting story is that it has been pulled to sometime in 2009 for the work to go ahead.

It does seem to be a common practice in Hollywood, multiple rewrites of a script to see which is best, or which matches the producers/studios view of the film and to hell with the quality of the script.

Still I am surprised that David Goyer didn't manage to nail the remake, especially after his earlier comments:

"One of the...things that's also great about Scanners was the fact that Cronenberg embeds so much subtext into his stories...So we've tried to keep the spirit of that and kind of transpose that into a post-9/11 world, if you can imagine what Scanners would be involved in in that kind of world...What we're trying to do is take all the best elements of that."

Until I hear who the writer is on the next version, I'm going to take this as bad news. Still, I do think that Scanners is good fodder for a remake...a good remake, but then there's the news that Darren Lynn Bousman is set to direct...I'm really not sure how this is going to turn out.



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