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Greatest American Hero casting

IanZiering.jpgI don't know if there is anyone out there that's as interested in The Greatest American Hero as I am, either be it enjoying the original television series or the idea of a feature film based on the same idea, but I most certainly am.

So the news that an actor from Beverly Hills 90210 has test for the lead as Ralph Hinkley, the man who becomes the Greatest American Hero, is a mixed bag for me, and I'm sure for those who are interested in the film.

According to rumour over at Rotten Tomatoes through Moviehole, the actor that has apparently been tested for the role is Ian Ziering, yep that big blond guy from Beverly Hills 90210, who you may also recognise from Domino.

For a start there's the issue that he really does look like he could fill a superhero suit perfectly, and that's something that the original actor William Katt, no offense intended, was rather weedy.

I do mean that in the best possible way, he was perfect for the role, someone who's all beefed up kind of loses the absurdity and craziness of the guy being entrusted with the suit and the responsibility of protecting mankind.

There's also that baggage that he carries with him, the 90210 baggage, which for those of you who watched the show will still be fully aware of.

Yet there is something that works just right for the character in the role. He does have that feeling of all-American-ness and all round good guy.

Moviehole managed to grab the role profile for the character in film version of The Greatest American Hero which also offers a plot outline:

“29-39, an all-around good guy, with boyish handsome good looks, smart, decent, honorable and resilient, Ralph is a high school history teacher in Tempe, Arizona, a bachelor who hasn't yet found the right girl. Selected by a bunch of aliens as the perfect hero to champion the rights of humankind against an evil nemesis, Ralph gets a superhero suit and a rather gruff squire in the form of FBI agent Bill Maxwell - neither of which yield easily to his control. Stuck inside the suit while awaiting for a duel-to-the-death challenge from his sinister opponent, Harve Lundy, Ralph proves to be honest, upright, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent as he prepares himself to do or die, without losing his Eagle Scout-ish honor or his suit in the process. Oh, and he gets a girlfriend along the way.”

I'm not sure if I like the fact that they've had to give him a nemesis. I don't remember that from the original television series, it was the fact that Hinkley never knew how to use the suit properly as they lost the instruction manual that made it so good, the mistakes and the complete lack of knowledge, and every few episodes they'd find out something new about the suit, that's what I liked.

Back to the casting though, what do you think? Could Ian Ziering take the role?



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