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Haggis to rewrite Terminator 4 and plot twist revealed!

AntonYelchin.jpgAnton Yelchin is talking about joining McG's Terminator 4, which is currently going through a name change, but that's not the interesting bit of news coming out about the film.

The really interesting part is that Paul Haggis has been in talks to rewrite the film and in the story they reveal what could be the big twist!

Paul Haggis ? First Christian Bale is signed on as John Connor and now there's word that Haggis might be rewriting the script, a man who is more known for creating such great characters and relationships than big science fiction battles.

Is this a sign that we're headed into a new direction with Terminator 4, , and one that promises a lot more strength than the action sequences and dumbed down story that the third one did?

Coming Soon has The Hollywood Reporter story that Anton Yelchin is in negotiations to join the cast, and in amongst it they drop in that Paul Haggis has been in talks to rewrite the script. Not only that but they reveal what could be the big plot twist of the story.

A while ago the producers were saying that there was going to be a big twist, and then they brought on board a new character with a cryptic back story - he had somehow been asleep through the nuclear war and woke up afterwards.

Then came the story that Sam Worthington was replacing Arnie's character - you mean the Terminator? Marcus, the character that the film was going to focus on and be the new hero?

Well I went into overdrive then and immediately suspected that he would be a Terminator, he may not know it himself, but chances are he was a Terminator planted to infiltrate the human base.

So hearing the following comment in the story from The Hollywood Reporter through Coming Soon which seems to confirm it.

"Yelchin will play a teen version of Reese, the man who fathered world savior John Connor in the original Terminator film. Christian Bale will play John Connor…Reese, one of the children who survived a machine-driven nuclear holocaust, befriends Marcus (Sam Worthington), an early edition of the Terminator cyborg played in previous films by Arnold Schwarzenegger."

Oops, were they supposed to reveal that the character is going to be a Terminator? There goes the big surprise, but then that's the way I thought it was going already. For the most part we'll think he's human until the big reveal.

The other big news is that Paul Haggis is in talks to rewrite the script, can you imagine if he got the job? That certainly would make the film much stronger.

I'm wondering if this is going to turn out much better than expected, as long as they haven't just revealed the big twist of the film!



Who cares? Bring on more of the Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Ooh wow, that is exciting news Richard. If Haggis comes onboard then that would be just brilliant! This is shaping up (if true) to be a carefully planned movie, which didn't seem to happen with T3, but I must say I am now even more excited about T4!



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