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Hilarious Michael Bay advert

MichaelBay.jpgYou know I think it's a huge measure of a person in the public eye if they can really look at themselves in an incredibly light hearted way and poke fun at their public persona, and huge kudos to Michael Bay for allowing this to happen in an advert he's appearing in.

Bay does come in for a lot of stick, and some unwarranted, but he's still got the energy to laugh at himself and his films, and for that I salute him. Take a look at the following advert.

I honestly love it.

Now please let it be known that in no way do I endorse the company or the product, and they are not funding Filmstalker in any way, I just love how hilarious this is.

I found this through the Michael Bay site, which says even more about the man. This was better than a lot of comedies I've seen come out of America...maybe that could be Bay's next piece of work?



Good find Rich, I couldnt stop chuckling myself.


Isn't it awesome? BOOOM!!


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