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DVD Three Stars
Hitman is perhaps one of the few direct videogame adaptations that has worked in the cinema, and I know it may not have been that successful, but it works well as a film and carries through everything that is strong about the Hitman game franchise.

Then there's the DVD, the Extended Edition DVD, which really isn't that extended, and probably paves the way for another DVD release.

Plot.pngHitman.jpgAgent 47 is a genetically engineered hitman, taken from the DNA of various sources, cultivated and educated for one sole purpose, killing. The reason for the number is that there are numerous other agents on the go, but 47 is the best.

He accepts commissions from the Organisation, and his latest one is to kill a high ranking foreign politician, and to make it very public. Afterwards he's told that there's a witness and he accepts the job. However when he gets there something makes him pause, and someone takes a shot at him, and he realises he's been betrayed.

From here the plot gets going, and without spoiling anything for you Agent 47 goes after those trying to kill him, starting with the man he assassinated but has now appeared live on television. On the way he has to protect the witness and also evade Interpol agents who are trying to track him down and bring him to justice.

TheFilm.pngFor a full review of the film see the previous Hitman review here on Filmstalker. However it is interesting that on second viewing I realised that I enjoyed the film more than on the first. With the critical comparison to the videogame gone, as a film it had much more to offer than I first thought.

On DVD I'm not entirely sure where the extended part comes into play, but when watching the opening torture scene and a few kill points throughout the film, it does seem as though there are a few more bloodier and violent moments over the original. That said, there's not that much that seems to affect the dramatic direction of the film.

It would have been much nicer to have also had some feature to allow you to see the added footage in isolation, if indeed there really is any.

The picture appeared slightly grainy when it was upscaled to 1080p, but the colours were strong and the action looked clear and sharp throughout, even during the darker, moodier scenes.

Audio.pngDolby Digital 5.1
The sound was strong throughout the film, particularly when the soundtrack came into play. Sometimes though I did feel that the soundtrack was a little too heavy and overpowered the action. I like action films to deliver some serious punches during the action sequences, particularly during moments of shooting, and in Hitman there's a fair degree of that. If the soundtrack had been lessened a little and the effects increased, it might have made for an even better audio experience.

Extras.pngFour Featurettes, Gag Reel, Deleted Scenes

In the Crosshairs
Good making of feature that has all the main actors, director and producer talking about the film as well as behind the scenes footage. There's plenty to see and learn about the film, and there's a lot of verbal backslapping, but not enough to make you ill, enough to make it interesting. Some of the comments from the producer and stars about the adaptation of videogames to the big screen are interesting to hear.

Digital Hits
Various people from those involved in the film to those behind the videogame talk about Hitman and what the character and the game means to the fans, to them, and how the film should interpret the character. Well put together and interesting to hear the views of the game from those on the film and vice versa.

Instruments of Destruction
Six featurettes on the weapons used in the film, seeing them fired professionally and hearing an expert talk about them cut with scenes from the film where they are used. It's a cool feature and there's a surprising amount of time spent on it.

Settling the Score
A short featurette on creating the score for the Hitman film and the theme came to the composer.

Gag Reel
Now this really is a gag reel with the actors and crew all taking turns to play jokes on each other or to just crack up laughing. Strange how it's Dougray Scott in most of them.

Deleted Scenes
Five deleted scenes, including an alternate, or rather extended ending. None of these scenes add too much to the film bar the alternate ending which changes the whole feel, and I'm really not sure which is the better one.

Overall.pngWell the DVD offering is at a disadvantage right off the bat, although it would seem that there is some extra footage, it isn't highlighted to us and there could have been a separate feature with the Director/Editor talking us through these additional scenes and why they were cut.

Then there's the distinct lack of an audio commentary, why did they even consider omitting that in this day and age? This is a film that is crying out for one with all the complicated action and camera sequences, and looking at the features it's not as if the stars didn't want to talk about the film.

Another thing that is a glaring omission from the DVD is game content. Why not, like the Riddick DVD release, give us the first Hitman game for the PC and the major consoles? That would have encouraged sales with the videogame fanbase.

While I'm on the subject of missing material, a couple of features were sorely missing for me. One that talked in detail about the videogame to film transfer, and one that looked at the parts of the film directly influenced by the videogame and how they were developed.

The features that are there are good though, a decent length with a lot of material and cooperation from the stars and those behind the camera.

Let's also not forget the film itself which turns out to be a good film, and ranks high in the list of videogame adaptations. How high is a discussion we should have another time.

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I saw this movie on DVD this past weekend. I, too, thought it was better on second viewing. However, I still think how much better it would have been with Statham in the lead.

Oh Statham would have made such a great Hitman. Perhaps on the next film?


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