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I Am Legend alternative ending online

IAmLegend.jpgI really enjoyed I Am Legend (Filmstalker review), it didn't turn out to be the typical blockbuster I expected and is definitely worth another watch. Except the ending we saw in cinemas wasn't the original ending of the film at all, in fact there's a rather extensive alternative ending weighing in at around five minutes.

I've got the ending right here for you to see, and I think it's powerful, but is it really as bleak as the original comments suggested? I think it has just as much hope as the original, it takes the story in a very different direction, and doesn't have the Hollywood ending.

Well, it doesn't have as much of a Hollywood ending as the original. Have a look and see what you think, bear in mind if you haven't seen the film this is going to totally spoil things as this is the ending, alternative or not.

You can read my entire review here, but what do you think of that? Is it a stronger ending? Do you prefer that to the original?

I'm unsure, and usually I really do prefer the alternative endings as they are less Hollywood. Granted I don't like the tweeness of the very end of the original and the huge encampment, I do prefer the openness of this one. However I'm unsure about the idea that the creatures have come so far in their evolution to have found mates. That's a big leap from other connections made in the film, but perhaps that's a good move.

One thing is clear, this ending would have sparked much more conversation and perhaps a little less box office returns.



Streaming videos blocked at work. Damned it!
It does sound as though they may have gone with the novel ending here from what you've said. If so, I agree it would seem a little far fetched given what little hints we got for it during the film (maybe deleted scenes contain more?)

A much better ending! Same they didn't stick to the story in the original book though :0(

Hmm, not bad. Not the same ending as the novel but not quite as "Hollywood" as the cinema ending - a nice compromise I felt, and makes some incongruous scenes from the film fit properly.

And I don't see it as a "big leap" from what we saw earlier in the film, we were given some pretty strong hints, you just have to see past Neville's biased perspective.

Thanks for that Richard :)

I have to say it was all a bit cheesy how he came for his mate and didn't kill Robert. I mean surely even if they had evolved enough to have mates why wouldn't he kill the person who had done this to her and many others of their kind? All of the pictures were on the wall. He would get into the room eventually without roberts help or not.

In the book, Neville had become the thing that the monsters were afraid of. This is why they had to capture him and show him being killed in front of everyone. However Neville takes his own life and became a thing of legend. The creatures in the book were much more advanced than the ones shown in the film so maybe as we all know that there is going to be a sequel this is what it may be leading up to?

Thanks Demon - I think I was the first to have it up.

I think it's a big realisation for Smith's character, this ending is all about him and it doesn't really matter what everyone else is about. He's the one who lost his humanity and has found it again through these creatures.

Michelle, that's a great point. Perhaps there could be sequels and that is the ultimate outcome. That would make sense.

Are you keen to see a sequel?

Dammit, there I was with the trailer up first and someone grabbed it and took the credit...sometimes I hate this malarky.


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