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Ice Cube gives up kids films?

IceCube.jpgThe words Ice Cube, gangster and rapper hardly fit well together these days as the man has become a parody of himself with his terrible comedy films and poor appearances in kiddies films.

However he looks set to return to the world of adult orientated films, and I don't mean like Snoop Dogg. No, I mean films with an strong storyline that might involve swearing, violence, and real life situations.

Oh thank the lord Ice Cube. I'm not having a go at your career...well, actually I am. It's not very good. I mean what happened to it? Shall I remember titles such as Three Kings, Higher Learning, or Trespass (yeah, I liked it!)? What about the big kicker to it all, Boyz in the Hood? Now we're watching Are We There Yet.

Yeah, I don't think you can argue with that one. So it's good news from Variety through Cinema Blend that he's finally turning his vision back to where he started. Well, we hope.

Janky Promoters is a film which has a script written by Ice Cube himself and sees him star as a one half of a music promotion duo who somehow manage to book a top name hip-hop artist into a pretty average sized venue in California. Unfortunately everything goes wrong and the pair are well over their heads.

Okay, hold on a minute, this doesn't sound like what I was hoping, this is starting to sound like another comedy. Well the strong part is that Bob Weinstein says the film will be R rated and they're trying to get a big name rapper to play the lead role.

Well that may be all well and good, but I have to say it's sounding more like a comedy but with lots of swearing and drugs in it rather than something more akin to those earlier films on his career list.

Colour me disappointed again. I was hoping to see something a little more dramatic. However Cube is getting a big percentage of the returns from the film, so at least he's making money from it.

Where did those early performances go though? Can we see that Ice Cube back?



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