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Is Hounsou in Tintin?

Tintin.jpgDjimon Hounsou has revealed that he's set to star in a comic book trilogy which he describes as his dream project.

Now the rumour is that this could either be Black Panther or Tintin, but thinking of the actor and the connections I think this is more likely to be Tintin.

The comment was made at a press junket for his latest film, Never Back Down, and he would say nothing more than the above mention.

IESB, who have the rumour, speculate that it could either be The Black Panther in the next Fantastic Four film which Tim Story had mentioned some time ago, or that it could be the new Tintin trilogy.

Now thinking about the Fantastic Four idea and looking at Djimon Hounsou's career, I really don't see him signing up for that film, and anyway it wouldn't be a trilogy for him, just one appearance. Sure there could be a separate series for him should the Panther character take off, but then that would either be one film or three, and none of those would be set in stone unless the Fantastic Four film pulled in audiences and they liked the character.

No, that sounds quite beneath the man and the calibre of actor to me. So Tintin. Well this is going to be a huge production, and Tintin is huge in mainland Europe, particularly France which is where he's lived for most of his life.

Not only that but Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson are directing two of the films in the proposed trilogy, and this is a trilogy from the outset.

Add to that the fact that the writer is the incredibly talented Steven Moffat who is most known for his television writing, and his revival work on characters such as Jekyll and Doctor Who, and you can already see which the ideal choice would be.

I think IESB might be spot on with that call, of course it could be any number of other comic book films, but Tintin just seems to fit right with Hounsou don't you think?



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