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Isaacs, Damon talk Greengrass' Green Zone

JasonIsaacs.jpgJason Isaacs has not only confirmed that he's starring in the Paul Greengrass film The Green Zone, but he's also been talking about the way in which the Director is approaching the film.

You'll remember that this is the adaptation of the book that details the U.S. Work to begin rebuilding Iraq, and the complete insanity of the politics behind it.

Jason Isaacs was rumoured to be starring in the film Green Zone a little while ago and he's confirmed that very thing at the Empire Awards this weekend.

He confirmed that he's playing Major Briggs, who has changed rank in the film, and reveals that the filming style of Paul Greengrass is rather day by day:

“I play a special forces soldier and I had on tap these fabulous resources of these guys who had just come back – and many of them are going back to Iraq – who had all these stories they were bursting to tell. I was just quite stunned by how receptive Paul is by taking the most dramatic stories and putting them on the screen...

...[Paul]’s got a masterplan, but he’s changing it every day, depending on what he’s shot and so we’ve got these special forces guys and people who are really seriously lethal and a lot of arabs, who all had a lot of input. Paul takes what’s real and turns it into what’s exciting and watchable and every night you’re on your toes. You’re sat in a restaurant and have a chat and find out what you’re going to be filming the next day. Exactly what the rest of the film will be is up for grabs; it doesn’t mean it’s chaos, it means it’s probably more creative than any film I’ve ever been on.”

That's not all that Empire has, they also talked with Matt Damon about the film, and he confirms that it was a bit changeable.

“We didn’t really have an agenda when we set out to make it other than we wanted to make a really good movie and a really honest movie...We have all these real soldiers in the movie and that’s really interesting .You know there’s not really one opinion that the movie puts forward and there’s not one opinion from the soldiers themselves. People have very different views about what went on and what our role in the war is. One thing that Paul does really well in films like United 93 and Bloody Sunday is that he simultaneously puts forward a number of perspectives and you can just sit there and watch an event unfold in a way that feels really real and authentic; hopefully the movie will do that”

Sounds like it will be another film from Greengrass that is steeped in politics without taking a single stance, something I like. It manages to put across a number of points of views without making judgements within the film itself, leaving that to the audience.

What will be interesting is that this could be one of the films that takes a long hard look at what is going on in Iraq and pulls in the politics of the situation, not just the fighting.



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