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Jackson and McKellen push for Gandalf

IanMcKellen.jpgIt seems that both Ian McKellen and Peter Jackson want Gandalf to return to The Hobbit, and why not? He's captured the role so perfectly. However it's not a done deal, not as much as Guillermo del Toro as director it would seem.

For McKellen writes on his own site that del Toro is indeed the director of The Hobbit, something that I thought we were still waiting for confirmation on.

I can't honestly see anyone else playing this role though, and there's no other role in the original film trilogy that is so iconic as Gandalf and the performance by Ian McKellen. Of course Christopher Lee as Saruman, Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn, Andy Serkis as Gollum and for me Liv Tyler as Arwen are all running close behind, but I can't really see anyone but McKellen as Gandalf now, can you?

On his official site he makes two posts which Rope of Silicon have highlighted that show that he and the producer are keen to see him reprise his role as Gandalf, but the director has not yet confirmed – and note that he says director.

When asked about reprising the famous role he said:

“...if Peter Jackson and I have anything to do with it, he being the producer and me being, on the whole, a very lucky actor...

...Encouragingly, Peter and Fran Walsh have told me they couldn't imagine The Hobbit without their original Gandalf. Their confidence hasn't yet been confirmed by the director Guillermo del Toro but I am keeping my diary free for 2009!”

That was also a very definite statement on the Guillermo del Toro appointment as director, which is the first real confirmation of the news that he was in negotiations. No real surprise though is it? He would be a great choice for the film, although it's fair to say we'll see something a little darker and creepier than Lord of the Rings.



Yesss! Ian McKellen as Gandalf...he owns the role. I would even venture to say he performed it so well that if he WEREN'T to play Gandalf in The Hobbit, the movie will lose some of its fans.

No offense meant to Mr McKellen as I am a huge fan of his but I am more interested as to who will be cast to play Bilbo Baggins.

Well in a way I agree Simone. I think McKellen is a lock for the role, and really there's nowhere else the film-makers could go. He's perfect, he's willing, and the fanbase want him.

However, with Bilbo there's no one ready to play him, we have no real ideas, and there's no one stepping up to the mark as yet. That could be a real difficult choice.

IMHO Simon Russell Beale is your man for Bilbo Baggins, I do hope his immense talent will be considered for this movie.

Ah, I just saw him. Yeah he looks good for that part, but does he still look a little old for the role?

You've seen him have you? Oh Richard he's great and a truly fantastic actor. I hope he goes back and perform a play or two in Edinburgh as that's where he started his career in theatre.

He's not that old, he's only 46, I wonder how old Biblo was in The Hobbit, I don't remember if it was ever mentioned, but I do know it was his 111th brithday in Fellowship of the Ring. But then again, if his age will ever be an issue, that's where make up, and a little CGI can do the trick but I am positive that performance wise SRB will be brilliant and will make a wonderful Bilbo.

No Simone, I just saw his picture, I didn't see him on stage or anything. I'll take your word for it on how strong a choice he is until I do get to see him.

Aye! I like that bit where you said, take my word for it. ;)

I think I should blog about that now too!


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