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Janssen's Turn the River trailer online

FamkeJanssen.jpgBack in February I talked about Famke Janssen starring in the film Turn the River with Rip Torn and Terry Kinney. Well now there's a trailer online and you can see it right here.

In the film Janssen plays a high stakes pool shark trying to raise $50,000 to gain custody of her son and ends up kidnapping him and fleeing from her ex-husband.

The film is written and directed by Chris Eigemen who starred with the beautiful Famke Janssen in the excellent The Treatment (Filmstalker review).

It was in that film that Famke Janssen really caught my attention as a powerful actress, her performance was superb, not to mention the rest of the film which was superb. Now Eigeman, who starred with her in the film, has written and directed his own feature, Turn the River, and it's receiving praise across the board.

Just have a look at these comments taken from the official site:

For Turn the River Chris Eigeman won the Zicherman Family Foundation Award For Best Screenwriter "for it's unflinching realism, pitch perfect dialogue and 3 dimensional characters in a world that is so often given to stereotypes."

Famke Janssen was awarded a Special Jury Best Actress Prize for her work in the film "for a brave and touching portrayal of a woman fighting for her child and her life."

Variety says: Chris Eigeman's highly accomplished writing-directing debut, "Turn the River," is a meller/thriller

Now those are pretty good comments, and the film has already won Best Screenplay for Eigeman and Special Prize and Special Recognition for Janssen at the Hamptons International Film Festival, and the film is set to hit more festivals as the year continues – see the official site for screenings.

The trailer looks interesting, and looks like it's giving Janssen the opportunity to deliver another strong and very real character, something she's not really widely known for.

You can see the flash version below (thanks to Tariq for the link), or you can head over to the official site to see the Quicktime version.



You know what I keep hearing in my head after watching that? "If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball."

I'm learning English...I can understand almost everything that you have wrote, but could u tell me what's the meaning of "high stakes pool shark"?


Hey there asmnobrega.

High stakes will mean that she plays for big bets, large amounts of money bet on both sides of the game.

Pool shark means that she'll be like Paul Newman's character from The Hustler, she fools people into believing that she's not that great in order for them to play her and put down more money, and when the bet is big enough she'll start playing her best game and take them for everything.

That help?

Yes =D
I got it! ;)

No problem


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