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Jason Statham as The Equalizer?

TheEqualizer.jpgJason Statham revealed that he's already been approached by Harvey Weinstein to star in the big screen version of the classic televsion show, The Equalizer.

Now while I am a great fan of Statham, I just don't think that part is right for him, not yet anyway. If any Edward Woodward film would suit him it would be Callan.

You see he's the right age and demeanour for Callan. The part in The Equalizer really needs a retired, older and wiser man. Someone who uses his experience over anything else. For me the attraction of that series was that the lead guy was retired and disillusioned with the world, and making the character too young just wouldn't work well for me.

Jason Statham revealed the titbit in an interview shown over at MoviesOnline through Moviehole:

"Q: Is one of the franchises you’re interested in “The Equalizer”? They’re making a movie of that. JASON STATHAM: Isn’t that funny you should say that? I saw Harvey the other week and he was talking to me about that. "

I'd rather see someone older and a little more beefier take up the role, perhaps Jason Statham in ten or twenty years time, but not now, he's too fit and spritely, in fact it would just end up being another Transporter film but with less focus on the transporting part of the script.

The original television series saw Edward Woodward making the character his own. His quiet anger and controlled manner was superb, and when he did crack it was pretty powerful stuff. He played a man who left an unknown CIA like agency and went into business for himself, trying to redeem his past and doing good for others. It carried that excellent tag line:

“Got a problem? Odds against you? Call the Equalizer.”

Who could you see playing the character?



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