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J.C.V.D. Trailer online

VanDamme.jpgThe trailer has arrived for the Jean-Claude Van Damme starrer, J.C.V.D., and I'm rather surprised that I not only find it interesting, but that I'm keen to see more.

The previous footage and clips we'd seen for the film had painted it in rather a poor light, but this trailer looks pretty good and has me thinking that the film could turn out to be a bit of a surprise for all.

When I first saw some of J.V.C.D. I thought it was just a poor comic joke on Jean-Claude Van Damme and his on screen character, but now I'm starting to wonder if there's something more to it.

From AITH comes the trailer which shows us two distinct feelings for the film. There's the first half which is poking a sharp stick and taking a wry look at at Hollywood, celebrity and of course Jean-Claude Van Damme himself.

Then there's the second half which looks like a bank robbery gone wrong where Van Damme is mistaken for his on screen tough guy character and at the same time mistaken for the perpetrator of the robbery.

I really like the tongue in cheek but very poignant look at Hollywood and celebrity that the first half of the trailer is taking, as well as the self-depreciating way that Van Damme is looking at himself.

Have a look at the trailers and see what you think at the trailer.

Well? Do you think there might be something a little more to this than meets the eye? Sure trailers can be cut any way and can make a bad film look good, but I find myself hoping otherwise for this.



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