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Jones for Ritchie's Gamekeeper?

Gamekeeper.jpgBack in May of last year Guy Ritchie started a comic book series for Virgin comics and was planning in turning it into a film. Word is that the a writer on the comic, Jeff Parker, is keen to have Vinnie Jones in the lead.

Gamekeeper tells the story of a Chechen hunter named Brock who comes across Russian agents torturing a foreigner. He steps in and saves the stranger, but this leads to the death of his own son and his own seclusion. He heads to Scotland and becomes a Gamekeeper on an estate, culling deer, warding off poachers and protecting his employer with a secret tied to those terrible events.

You can read the opening issue over at Virgin Comics by selecting Digital Comics from the menu and scrolling right to get to the first comic, Gamekeeper.

Saying that I was rather annoyed that when I revisited the site they had reworked how they display the images. With the cover of the comic always on display the panels themselves were partially obscured by the page selector - very annoying.

Already Gamekeeper looks very cinematic, and if Guy Ritchie can pull this off properly then it could be a huge distance for himself from the London gangster films that he's known for, and perhaps it would give him a new breath of life in cinema terms.

Over at Starpulse News Blog they have the news from WENN that Jeff Parker is keen for Vinnie Jones to land the role of Brock, and from what I've read I think he would too. As for the villain, it appears that Parker would like Terence Stamp to take that role.

Saying that though, it's up to Guy Ritchie and his investors, and according to Parker he isn't saying a thing about the film or the casting, a film which has been in pre-production for some time now.

I could see Jones carrying this role well, and Stamp is always a great choice for a villain, however I think it's early days yet and we'll have to see who Ritchie pins his hopes on. With Jones taking the lead villain role in Clive Barker's The Midnight Meat Train, perhaps he is showing that he can step up to the leading man mark?



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