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Justice League in political battle

JusticeLeagueofAmerica.jpgLast we heard Justice League was pulling out of filming due to it being denied a heft forty percent tax break by the Australian government and was heading to film in Canada.

Now the news is that George Miller is trying to push the government to award the film the taz incentives so that it can film in Australia, and cost a lot less. Is this a sign that it just won't the budget from the studio without the forty percent off?

The forty percent refers to "below-the-line" costs, whatever they are, and apparently means a fair return for the studio, and therefore there's much more budget available for the film itself.

The director, George Miller, is now speaking out about the move of the film and wants the Australian government to provide the tax incentive so that the film can be made there, filmed in Sydney, and under his new joint venture with a company there called Omnilab.

However, I don't see what the big problem about relocating it to Canada or New Zealand is. It seems though Miller is taking the fight seriously and won't back down.

"We don't know officially that we've been knocked back, but it's not looking good. It's taken too long to make a decision, and the film's going overseas now, which is incredibly wasteful for the Australian film industry...

...I'm dancing as fast as I can with the studio to have them hang on here. We're going to appeal (if the FFC doesn't grant the certificate) because it's not just 'Justice League' -- we have other films with Australian directors."

Is his quote from Variety, but the question is why? What's the big problem? If Australia doesn't want the film and the profits then head to another country that does. As far as I know the film doesn't rely on Australia as a location - the clue's in the previous title of the film which was changed to try and make it more favourable to the Australian government.

I wonder though why the studio aren't sticking by the decision to move, why haven't they just up and moved production elsewhere and told them to get on with it? Well perhaps that forty percent is a bit more necessary than we thought.

I wonder if Miller was banking on that to help up the budget to make the Justice League he wanted to, and if it doesn't go to Australia then he loses that extra money and the film he wants. It couldn't just because he'd like to film in Australia, I mean you couldn't hold up a studio that much for a film they had already put in turnaround.



it keeps sounding more and more to me like there never will be a JL movie. but you know what? it really isn't time yet for one.

where's the flash movie? Green Lantern? Hawkman? WonderWoman? all these characters deserve their day in the sun ( especially a martian manhunter movie. how awesome could that turn out ) before an ensemble shoehorn flick.

Oh Mogulus I'm totally with you on that front, why can't they let all the characters have their outing first so that we have the backstories all defined before we hit an ensemble film?

Just look how messy Fantastic Four was to get five characters defined before hitting the real story!


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