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Kilmer replaces De Niro in New Orleans?

ValKilmer.jpgReports are that Robert De Niro has been replaced by Val Kilmer in the film New Orleans aka Microwave Park as a police officer who begins to uncover a trail of corruption and lies in the police force as he searches the devastation of New Orleans for the murderer of his partner.

Last I heard this was set post hurricane amidst the devastation. Oh, and 50 Cent is set to play his partner.

Frankly I think this sounds better with Val Kilmer rather than Robert De Niro, as I really do feel that Kilmer has much more passion and range these days than De Niro.

Kilmer revealed the news on his official site through Filmofilia.

What is interesting is that this would have been De Niro's second film with 50 Cent, could that have been a connection? Perhaps, but more than likely it is a simple case of scheduling conflicts.

Whatever the reason I'm more interested to see Kilmer in the role than a tired old De Niro.



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