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Kirsten Dunst to leave Hollywood?

KirstenDunst.jpgNow while the story comes from "inside sources" and sounds rather shaky, the thought that Kirsten Dunst might want to leave Hollywood does reflect her current situation as she spends time in rehabilitation trying to gain control of her life.

However I find myself asking if there really is anything to leave, other than ongoing appearances in the Spider-Man franchise.

The gossip story comes from Eview Week who have the inside source at the rehabilitation centre where Kirsten Dunst is recovering as saying:

"When she first came to the Cirque, she said she was planning to leave Hollywood...The staff tried to tell her she'll feel differently when she learns how to handle her problems in more constructive ways. But ultimately, it will be Kirsten's decision...

...If she feels that Hollywood holds too many temptations, then maybe she should go in another direction. One thing is for sure Kirsten's got a lot of demons to conquer. But she's determined to win."

Well I hope she does win, but for me it seems that too many stars are heading straight for these expensive and overly public rehabilitation locations and it seems to be becoming a staple part of someone's career nowadays. You would think that they and their staff would address and deal with problems well before they get to this stage.

That said, I still don't think there's a great career there for her, and despite the success of the Spider-Man franchise I find it hard to pick out a stand out performance over and above that.

Is she someone you would want to see return to film?



Though it was a long time ago, I was quite impressed with her performance in Interview with the Vampire. If she can reach that level, it would be good to see her keep trying.

I agree with hap, in Spider-man she just plain irritated me, I actually cheered when Peter Parker ended up punching her in Spidey 3 .. It might have been the character rather than the actress but we haven't seen her in too much else, so at current stance, I'd say I'm indifferent about her leaving or staying, but if she stays we want improvements :)


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