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Lady Vengeance director wants remake

Chan-wookPark.jpgApparently Park Chan-Wook wants the Hollywood remake of his film Sympathy for Lady Vengeance that I wrote about the other day, and more than that he went to Charlize Theron and asked her to remake it.

Now although this doesn't automatically mean that the film will be any better, it is interesting that he wants the film to be remade, especially when you think how Hollywood remakes are going.

What would be the benefit of the Hollywood remake to him? Cash? Exposure for the rest of the series? Could it be that if he believes Sympathy for Lady Vengeance (Filmstalker review) is remade then that might protect the rest of the films from the Hollywood machine, after all if this is remade and doesn't do well perhaps they'll back off from OldBoy (Filmstalker review)?

"He made an almost perfect film [but] he came to me and said he really wanted us to do this. He wanted to see that story told in an American society...If he wasn't so encouraging I don't think I could go through with it. We're intimidated almost beyond belief."

So you should be, and not just with this film or this director, but anyone who's film is being remade should have this kind of respect and indeed fear from whoever is remaking it. However this is sounding rather good, and it could mean that the director could be involved in the project.

"But I'm very excited about it...I'm a huge fan of the director. I love that whole trilogy but REALLY love that last one."

The really interesting part in this story from MTV through JoBlo is that it tells us Charlize Theron is definitely going to play the lead role, before it was only suggested as she was only confirmed as the producer. However there's no director announced as yet.

Who would you have take up the helm?



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