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Lohan keeps filming

LindseyLohan.jpgWith everything that’s happened in her private life and the onset antics and performances I’m surprised that Lindsay Lohan is still being used in films, but then I might just have answered my own question, she carries with her a level of notoriety for half the price tag.

Now, she’s set to appear in Manson Girls as one of Charles Manson’s followers in a film that looks at the Manson group and explores the events surrounding the murders they carried out in 1969, including the murder of Sharon Tate.

It seems a strange role for her to begin with, but then if you think where she’s been going with her career it would perhaps be a better choice for her to pick up some of these darker, more challenging roles.

Mind you, saying that her results at the Razzies and performance in I Know Who Killed Me don’t bode well. I wonder if the idea of taking her on board a film is more to do with the public reputation that she carries with her?

The producer of the film, Brad Wyman, revealed in an interview with E! News through that Lindsay Lohan was set to appear in the film, and the suggestion is that she would play the role of Nancy Pitman, one of the followers of Charles Manson, who received a life sentence for first degree murder.

Although it is said that Pitman didn’t actually commit the murders, she was found guilty of tampering with the crime scene along with Manson.

It’s certainly going to be a headline grabbing and controversial role, but the question is will it be any good, and is Lohan on board to provide more publicity for the film rather than providing a strong performance? The other part to consider in that is just how big Lindsay Lohan’s role will be.



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